In December, Fighting For Ms. Rios was released in both paperback and Kindle formats.  It is a fictional collection of journals written by a gifted fourth grade student named Aiden, about his school, his friends, and his inspiring first-year teacher– Ms. Rios.  I have resurrected  this blog to break down some of Aiden’s many stories and themes… all observations about our schools from a child’s point of view.


The REAL El Milagro that serves as the setting for “Fighting for Ms. Rios” is Mueller Charter School, where I have been the Principal and then Executive Director for the past thirteen years. Our school is located in Chula Vista, California, seven miles from the border with Tijuana, Mexico.  Our students are talented, multilingual, multinational, bright, motivated, and globally aware.  Our mantra (not to be confused with some school logo for the stationary) is that “Our Children Will Change the World”.  Because they will.  Or they won’t.  And we are pretty sure that the difference between whether children are positioned to some day change the world depends on us and the kind of schools and communities and opportunities we create for them.

Scroll back through the archives and you will find over a hundred posts and stories from the past five years as we continue our journey– as one of America’s Most Innovative Charter Schools!